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About us

The Company

Located in the Alentejo wine region, the company Encostas do Alqueva is associated
with the Cooperativa Agrícola da Granja and with Amareleza, recognized wine producers
known for making quality wines. Encostas de Alqueva has the the mission of
development, strategic management and sales of this brands in Portugal and worldwide.

Our wines go from excellent value for money with the profile to rival with the old
world wines (like the Encostas de Pias and Encostas de Alqueva Brands ) to wines made
using century old tradition, the true old world wines at their best (like the Piteira Talha


Our Cellar
Adega Cooperativa da Granja, with his 60 years of history (1952-2013), has long been
recognized for its excellent wines.

In 1989 they reached their peak with a wine considered “World Champion” in
a contest in Ljubljana in the former Republic of Yugoslavia.
Since 2007 began a new phase in the life of this winery with significant investments in
modernization of the production line, new winemaking team and the recovery of the
best traditions of the region, both in terms of grape varieties and style of its wines.